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We have been involved in the Aggregate, Sand and Gravel and Recycling industries since 1978.

We have developed a reputation for representing quality manufacturers and providing service to our customers after the sale.

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Under the settlement agreement, the APCO Liquidating Trust and the APCO Missing Stockholder Trust have agreed to pay $14 million to the United States in order to resolve the U. Dreher, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division. taxpayers and the environment.” The ORC Site was operated by Anderson-Prichard Oil Corporation and APCO Oil Corporation as an oil refinery from 1920 until about 1978, and then in a limited capacity by Oklahoma Refining Company until 1987.

“The settlement payments will be used to fund expected future cleanup at the ORC Superfund Site. In 1990, EPA placed the site on the National Priorities List.

The Reading Company noted that one site where it had incurred significant environmental liability before filing for bankruptcy involved over 600 PRPs, only 36 of whom were sued by the government.

“Faced with what could be hundreds of post-bankruptcy claims by PRPs, the former debtor would need to be able to demonstrate that each and every such CERCLA § 107(a)(4)(B) claim somehow was discharged or settled during its bankruptcy.

As a practical matter, that burden is not sustainable, and it is highly unlikely that all such claims could be recognized and discharged in a bankruptcy,” the company said in its brief.

APCO Liquidating Trust is a successor in interest to APCO Oil Corporation.View current on-the-lot inventory at 29 Auto Outlet below.Quality Pre-owned or used cars cars is our service.ARC argued that “any other person” includes anyone (including all PRPs) other than the entities expressly authorized to sue under § 107(a)(4)(A), i.e., the federal government, states and Indian tribes. The Reading Company, which had received a bankruptcy discharge approximately three weeks after CERCLA was enacted, was concerned that a decision allowing private party claims under § 107(a) could hinder the effectiveness of its bankruptcy discharge.Noting the tension between the policy goals of CERCLA (prompt cleanup of contamination and comprehensive assessment of liability) and the policy goals of bankruptcy law (affording an honest debtor comprehensive relief from liability and a “fresh start”), the Reading Company identified two major problems: (1) a settlement or discharge of CERCLA liability to the government during a bankruptcy case would have diminished value to the debtor; and (2) debtors obtaining bankruptcy discharges would be unable to determine the effect of their discharge on CERCLA liability related to operations started and finished before the bankruptcy ended.We believe in the hard working individuals and corporations who partner up with us to set their goals.

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