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The UK Foreign Office refused to deny Britain had voted for Saudi Arabia's ascension to the body, but Belgium's prime minister said he "regretted" his ambassador's vote in favour.

The new changes mean women could, in some circumstances, study and access hospital treatment, work in the public and private sector and represent themselves in court without consent of a male guardian, said Maha Akeel, a women's rights campaigner and a director at Jeddah-based Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

The Arab world is developing day by day, they are economically strong and have good relations with other countries.

Like the other development process, the countries are also focusing on the hot issue of women empowerment.

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In Long Beach and it is too much class for lesbian sex in their ability to provide the people.This concept comes under the patriarchal concept which clearly defines the fewer rights of women as compared to the males.The Arab ladies are still lacking the rights to live a comfortable life.There have been some marginal improvements in women's rights in the kingdom in recent years.In a rare step to partially rein in guardianship, King Salman last week ordered government agencies to stop demanding guardians' permission beyond the areas where the law actually requires it."Now at least it opens the door for discussion on the guardian system," Ms Akeel told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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