Are aldis hodge and beth riesgraf dating

When we dont have the executives on site and were on set and having to handle our business we also take that leadership role and all of us, especially Beth over there, shes probably one of the most positive people I know. They dont have to worry about sitting and having to watch it every week-after-week. Because she has so many moments where, you know, you get to see Parker in a real moment where shes showing emotion and that just carries it out. I mean shes a - she has so many moving moments for Parker that I dont think were necessarily thought of in the beginning.

And thats something thats kind of like established from our executive producers, Dean and John and Chris and then also, you know, with the cast ourselves. I mean you can come in at any time and people like that. Earl Dittman: Yes, they dont feel obligated but they still have a great time after they see it. Yes, Im looking for Season 10 and talk to you all again. Earl Dittman: Well, Ill let someone else chat and Ill come back to you all in a bit. My candor and my sense of sarcasm is what kind of throw a harness in that and if I made to think how that that it is she added complexity to Parker that thats not necessarily intended or, you know, assumed from the beginning.

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(Crosstalk) Beth Riesgraf: Especially when I have to work with that one. Im talking about from the top, you know, executive producers all of the way down to the crew because, you know, it takes everybody to make a machine work but it also takes good attitudes. Suzanne Lanoue: Well, I enjoyed watching the next four episodes and I think my favorite was the Christmas one. Aldis Hodge: Oh, youre talking about the one coming out? Its not the kind of show you have to follow to get it. Lisa Steinberg: Hi, its such a pleasure to speak with you both. So like I think they sort of - theyve learned and by observing like what we like to do and we have a lot of fun. But I think some of the quirks that makes it is like little acts sometimes thrown in there have definitely become part of the show as a staple now. The best part about the show is our producers and creators they pretty much, you know, gave us free range to implement much of our own personalities and our own ideas because, you know, weve got to live with them for so many years so definitely I think my humor came in a different way.

You know we have a really good rapport; we respect each other. Suzanne Lanoue: Yes, no they sent them out in advance to some of us so; the next four of them. Earl Dittman: Well you know another thing from my end that Ive noticed to people Ive talked to is that you can - they can stop watching it for maybe a couple of episodes or maybe even a year and come back and fall in love with it again. Operator: Again ladies and gentlemen, star one for questions. And well take our next question from Lisa Steinberg with Starry Constellation Magazine. And like for example I know Aldis and Christian can improv together and come up with such great material when left to their own devices.

In contrast to the other characters, Eliot prefers to keep his romantic life ...

Beth Riesgraf as Parker, called "The Thief", is an expert thief, cat- burglar, ...

And because of the circumstances, it's bringing out different sides of the characters, which has been awesome for us to play," Riesgraf says.

Perhaps nothing on "Leverage" has been more unforeseen than the relationship between Hardison and Parker. She is (or was when we first met her) an introverted, slightly off-center master thief. Aldis Hodge talks about season five of the TNT series Leverage, his favorite episode ...lives have been destroyed by the rich and powerful, actor Aldis Hodge ...Leverage is an American television drama series, which aired on TNT from December 7, 2008, ....Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison, called "The Hacker", is the team's computer ...Though they are, by trade, a mastermind, grifter, hacker, thief and hitter, respectively, their actions are often noble - and unpredictable. There's a lot of twists and turns, and we've done a couple of episodes that have been off-format.

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