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who understands in the marrow of his psyche what it was like to grow up too soon".

Acting schools and child talent agencies failed to yield such a boy, and it was then that Schumacher was told by police at Knoxville, Tennessee, about Renfro.

She said: "Heath believed Michelle was going for sole custody.

"She wanted nothing to do with him and many of his friends believed that in the last couple of weeks that really pushed him over the edge.

The event, which was hosted by and The THING Quarterly, was to pay tribute to Brad Renfro, the actor who passed away in early 2008 from a heroin overdose.

The original plan was to include a psychic, presumably to contact his friend's spirit, but during the Q A after the film screening Franco said he ultimately scrapped the idea because it didn't seem right.

Father: Mark Renfro Mother: Angela Girlfriend: Gaby Hoffmann (dating 1997-)Girlfriend: Daryl Hannah (actress, together 2006, started dating in rehab)Son: Yamato (b.

There are people who were upset because Brad didn't get a nod in the 2008 Oscars ceremony obituary segment.

He has the qualifications, being that he's the product of a broken home, extremely sensitive, and too smart for his own good." Taken to meet the senior vice-president of Warner Bros, Renfro asked him if he was a fan of the thrash metal band Megadeth, one of whose T-shirts the boy was wearing.

The older man said that he was."I don't think you've ever heard of Megadeth," came the retort.

The New Museum event marked the release of a limited edition switchblade with "Brad Renfro" in rainbow letters across the side and "FOREVER" in caps across the blade.

The object d'art is a playful reference to "Deuces Wild," the boy gang film that Franco and Renfro starred in together a decade ago.

Brad Renfro, who has died aged 25, made a powerful impression on cinemagoers in his first role, as a streetwise 12-year-old caught between the FBI and the Mafia in The Client (1994); thereafter art and life seemed to become intertwined, as a career playing troubled teenagers was steadily overshadowed by off-screen brushes with the law and drug addiction.

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