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And your question states the brother did not have a problem about it then, and a bid was extended. They will be brothers soon, and it is essential there isn’t a dark cloud hanging over the relationship.

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Basically, Kylie's brother is dating her boyfriend's ex-fiancee. He responded simply, saying, "Everybody deserves to be happy."Well, that's a surprisingly diplomatic answer, isn't it?

It wouldn't be surprising if, under the circumstances, Tyga and Kylie felt a little betrayed, so Tyga's reaction to the news might actually surprise you.

I'm just so happy to found you." Also Read: 'Love and Hip Hop Hollywood' Season 3's Brandi cheating on Max?

As always, people on cyber space have very strong responses to this news.

According to , in explosive divorce documents, Hunter (the son of former Vice President Joe Biden) says that he wants his wife of 24 years, Kathleen, to provide evidence of any infidelity, “including but not limited to, letters, cards, notes and e-mails between you and any person that you had a romantic or sexual relationship with other than your husband during the marriage.” As Radar has reported, America was shocked to find out Hunter, 47, started dating his dead brother Beau’s widow Hallie–after Hunter had split from wife Kathleen in 2015.

Kathleen, who had been separated from Hunter since then, finally filed divorce papers on February 23.Now the question on everyone's brain is, does Kylie feel the same way?The Instagram she posted (then deleted) earlier this week shading Rob might suggest she's not quite as okay with the situation.Was the relationship with the brother over and if so for how long? Assuming that the relationships didn’t overlap, I think the fraternity should give the bid.It sounds like the president talked to the brother about the situation as a courtesy.It's really stupid to stoop down to a childish level over male attention, get over it please.'Kylie's boyfriend Tyga, however, did jump on Twitter to hit back at his ex, posting: 'I ain't here for the tea,' followed by: 'Focus on what's real in life.

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