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The Office of Inspector General, Investigations Staff has openings for qualified individuals to conduct sensitive and high profile inquiries into possible violations of laws, rules, and regulations; mismanagement; gross waste of funds; abuse of authority; or substantial and specific danger to the public health and safety within the CIA.

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Part 1 - A Lurid Tale The “lurid” tale of Franklin, to borrow an adjective from the New York Times in 1988, begins with Larry King. of Omaha, who sang the national anthem at the 1984 Republican convention in Dallas, and throughout the '80s was described as a “GOP high-roller” and “the fastest rising African-American star” in the Republican Party. The host committee included former President Gerald Ford, Alexander Haig, and Jack Kemp.

As King named-dropped to a reporter for Omaha’s weekly Metropolitan in 1988,“I know some of the people I admire aren’t very popular. A ten-minute videotape featuring King and Jack Kemp, urging blacks to vote for George Bush, Sr., was shown at the gala.

Barris is the showbiz entrepreneur who created fans liked to call Barris), in addition to being a busy executive responsible at one point for 27 half hours of network TV a week, was a decorated CIA assassin.

(I think he's a fraud, but I don't have the time to investigate myself.) — Russell, Sacramento, CA Cecil replies: Ah, right, Chuck Barris.

The candidate must possess considerable professional knowledge of criminal and administrative investigative techniques and procedures.

The ability to assemble and assimilate large quantities of data; discern key issues; and draw appropriate conclusions is essential.

So which is it—can CIA agents have romantic relationships with people from other countries or not? The agency discourages this behavior, however, by turning any resulting marriages into bureaucratic nightmares.

A spook is also prohibited from telling her partner what she does for a living until he's had a thorough background check and a polygraph test.

, which opens Friday, Angelina Jolie stars as a disgraced CIA agent who must at one point rescue her kidnapped German husband from Russian spies. citizens, but their spouses need not be, at least at the time of their hiring. However, marriages to foreign nationals are allowed so long as the spouse agrees to become a naturalized U. citizen within five years and clears all necessary security checks.

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