Dating friends ex gf

At first, I thought it wasn't true, but the friend had too much detail... Why couldn't they have just told me when they FIRST STARTED DATING?

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I asked who else knew, she said to her knowledge, just her and my ex's best friend.

Say that the friendship is over, and that you are moving on. To them, *any* scenario that doesn't involve gay guys = lesbian drama. It's pretty shitty of them to handle it this way, but... What would have been the point of telling you from the outset if things didn't work out? The heart wants what it wants, irrespective of what friends think. Retain your dignity -- as well as your friendships.

You can easily become villainous in the eyes of not just the friend whose ex you are dating but also in the eyes of the members of your pack.

But if you think that dating your friend's ex can lead to something fruitful, well, then that risk might be worth it. But make sure that the previous love connection is completely done away with.

This is an eternal question which raises storms in the minds of men all over the world.

They wonder if there's some kind of code they should go by or should they just follow their heart.

Sometimes it is fine to date your friend’s ex, but it really depends on the type of relationship they had and the kind of friendship that you have with him. A woman that your friend was having casual sex with: These guys, many guys date and have sex with multiple women at once.

So, if you’re hanging around with friends who do that regularly, you will usually end up sleeping with a few of the same girls at times.

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