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During his time at U of Iowa he was a three time All-American, Big Ten titlist, and NCAA Champion.He is now the head coach at Christiansburg, VA and is one of the premier high school and youth coaches in the Nation!“They went on to ask if I would join a gym and said that I would become more handsome if I lost weight.

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North Carolina USA Wrestling is Partnering with Eblen Charities to bring wrestling legend DAN GABLE to North Carolina!

Saturday, April 29 Coach Gable will be joined by Daryl Weber for a very special freestyle clinic.

I would MUCH rather suspend my disbelief that a headlock from a pro wrestler is difficult to escape from than have to suspend my disbelief that grown men will stand there with wide eyes and open arms while someone dives on them 15 times a match.

It is even worse because we have to stretch that disbelief further to stop the dive looking like a pointless risk when all the opponents stand up and carry on a few seconds later anyway.

And all while supporting a GREAT cause as we put the HEADLOCK ON HUNGER!

North Carolina USA Wrestling is Partnering with Eblin Charities and NC State Wrestling to bring you the 3rd annual Headlock On Hunger Tournament!

Given the recent drama on Twitter between Randy Orton, Bully Ray and the IWC, and our current climate of polarization, we have to pick a side or risk missing out on the Cirque de Stupidity. Dive if youre going more for exciting, athletic matches and less drama. Not to mention, the guy hasn't had an impressive performance in God knows how long.

Headlock if you build a great story over weeks and months of a huge angle with a super over baby face and a nuclear hot heel. Dives Also, the thing about Orton's indy rant is the guy was born into the business/WWE, on top of that he was groomed to be the top guy.

He had the worst match on the last PPV and will probably have the worst match at Backlash.

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