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Leopards, rhinos, storks, alligators, and many other species of animals can be admired at the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure.The museum contains exhibits from 7 different regions, from the arctic one to the rainforests. The Salina Community Theatre brings a rich source of entertainment to locals by providing a broad range of theatrical performances.

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This is mainly liked by your partner also as she loves her parents more than anyone else in the whole world, you may possibly be the next person whom she can love. Though it may seem easy, but they make their date special and loving which normally takes too much of time. But don’t forget to take a lovely gift and roses for your lover also, as she is the person for whom you are making things happen.

Ladies are born unique, so they must be treated with love and value Inspect the site's privacy policy.

The theater features a selection of classic and original stage plays and musicals.

An art gallery and cinema, the Salina Art Center features an array of exhibits from its permanent collection as well as visiting works.

Although it doesn’t resemble Stonehenge exactly, this sculpture in Wichita’s Riverside Park is often referred to as Stonehenge Jr.

Regardless of the non-similarities, it’s pretty cool. Created by local sculptor Constance Ernatt, the rather large troll-goblin has been chained to pipes under a grate in the sidewalk near the Arkansas River since 2007. But it’s there, underground in Wichita to haunt your dreams.Maybe you just want to treat yourself for a romantic getaway and leave everyone else out of it. If you're an outdoorsy type with a healthy love for nature, check out Scenic Valley Inn, because you're "Inn" for a treat!Either way, there’s plenty of romantic places to go, if you’re in the mood for something quiet, fun, sensual, or pampering. Their rooms are decorated fantastically, and the cabin feel is just so cozy.Acting as a solar calendar, the sun is meant to hit the rock sculptures, limestone megaliths and colored glass to be able to mark the equinoxes, during which the large metal eye that is mounted on top of one of the rocks shoots the sunshine through like a laser beam, illuminating the ground and other monuments around it.

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