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For purposes of this paragraph, prior notice may be accomplished by posting a sign in a place and manner conspicuous to the clients at the entrance of the premises, stating that there may be times when there are no personnel on the premises.

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In 1990, the ICRP reaffirmed its system of radiological protection aimed at reducing the radiation risks associated with ionizing radiation use, and recommended lower dose limits for radiation workers and the public.

The objectives of that system with respect to radiation exposure are twofold: to prevent the occurrence of deterministic effects, and to reduce the incidence of stochastic effects.

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The first power station to produce electricity by using heat from the splitting of uranium atoms began operating in the 1950s.

Sharing these same goals, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) revised and updated its guidance documents that not only reflect the 1990 recommendations of the ICRP, but also aim to lower ionizing radiation risks while not limiting the beneficial uses of ionizing radiation.

The ICRP and IAEA publications are influential internationally and are used by a large number of countries to develop national regulations for radiation protection and safety.

Artificial sources of radiation include X-ray machines, radioactive isotopes used in nuclear medicine, gamma cameras, nuclear gauges and nuclear power plants.

X-rays refer to a kind of electromagnetic radiation generated when a strong electron beam bombards metal inside a glass tube.

Guidelines for ionizing radiation protection have been in existence for more than 60 years and have been subject to numerous revisions in that time.

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