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But today, with the internet, yikes, there is an overwhelming amount of advice.Some is from legitimate experts on their topic, but much of it is put out by internet marketers who see dating and relationship advice as an easy way to make money.And a lot of times it's the misunderstanding that's driving them apart.

Her insights are very practical, and in my opinion they are often the difference between a woman being single and being with a great man; and between a situation of going from relationship to relationship and spending a lifetime with someone amazing.

What she teaches is very simple to understand, but at the same time very profound.

Here’s an interesting article that you might find interesting if you are dating and looking for that great guy.

We’ve known for a long time that it’s a good idea to fudge on how many men you’ve had sex with.

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That's when she learned that she loved romance novels and since then, she's read so many she's lost count.

Over the years, she's focused on writing self-help relationship books.

Just by familiarizing yourself with the secrets from Men Made Easy, will you be able to greatly improve all your relationships with members of the opposite sex.

And the best part of it is that Men Made Easy is not about tricks or gimmicks that will help you get your man to do what you want. The thing is that by giving your man what he wants will give you what you want. Because men and women really are compatible, no matter what your latest magazine might be telling you.

But now, this article lends a bit of qualification to the idea.

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