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See the section on Ordnance Survey maps at The National Archives.

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It was revised for the whole country twice between 1842-1893 and between 1891-1914, and then updated regularly for urban or rapidly changing areas from 1914 to the 1940s.

The maps are immensely valuable for local and family history, allowing most features in the landscape to be shown.

On an old K map I have the point in question showing the white road with three green ORPA [Other Route with Public Access] dots on. The publication date of paper maps will be after this date.

On the current maps this has been reduced to one dot. Our records indicate that this change was recorded on the Explorer Sheet 188 edition A2 published in 2012 and the corresponding Landranger Sheet 161 was published in 2003. Who instructed the change, and on what grounds was it authorised?

Depending on the number of maps returned, participants can receive a voucher up to the value of £15 to spend in the online map shop.

This year, those who return maps will be able to update to the brand new OS Explorer and OS Landranger maps which include a mobile download of the map.

All the map data is stored locally and is available regardless of whether the smart device has a signal or not, making it perfect for even the remotest of areas to use alongside your paper map.

The OS Landranger version of these new maps will be available from 24 February, joining the OS Explorer range.

This information is not held by Ordnance Survey in a recorded format.

Once again, under Section 16 of the FOIA and following on from our response to your question one, as it was likely the change was made as part of a revision programme that was in place at the time the change was recorded and was subsequently authorised and published on the basis that a more accurate representation of this ORPA could be provided. Does the removal of ORPA dots affect the public's right on the highway?

DVD orders will take up to 28 days to deliver (longer if overseas).

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