Delphi excel screenupdating

Excel 2010 の案件で VBA コードを久しぶりに書いているのですが、一部の計算が複雑らしく、実行中の画面描画がちらちらして目に優しくありません。 これを簡単に押さえるには、コードによる計算や画面描画が終わるまで、一時的に描画そのものは一時停止させてしまう方法です。 制御の仕方は簡単で、一時停止したいポイントで次のコードを。 [code lang=’vb’] Application.

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Screen Updating = True End Sub Instead of hiding pivot items manually, you can use a macro to show or hide multiple items. Dim pt As Pivot Table Dim pf As Pivot Field Dim pi As Pivot Item Application. Display Alerts = False On Error Resume Next For Each pt In Active Sheet.

Screen Updating = True End Sub Dim pt As Pivot Table Dim pf As Pivot Field Dim pi As Pivot Item Dim str PF As String On Error Resume Next Set pt = Active Sheet.

I7 cell is merged cell it cover I7 to I12 & J7 to J12 2.

I change the value in D5 cell only Pl help me if, I changed the value in D5 than the Picture inserted in I7 may automatically change according to the value of D5.

This mostly gets the underlying value from the cell.

Text when used this way is that it gives you the formatted value, so the value you get could be ### if the user has set an inappropriate zoom or column width, or numbers could be retrieved as 1E 18 or …

If you assign this to a Variant you get a variant with a subtype of currency, but if you assign it to a Double then the value first gets converted to currency datatype and truncated, and then the currency datatype gets converted to a double. Value to retrieve cells formatted as dates into a variant is useful because then you can use Is Date() to detect that the cell was a date. Value is an efficient way of transferring a range of cell values to VBA because you can assign the Range to a variant variable and the you get a variant containing a 2-dimensional array of variants. Then I changed the row-height of 10 rows at random intervals. Text(2) is much slower, and the times increase from block to block.

This is much more efficient that looping on the cells one-by-one. Value is (unfortunately) the default property of the Range object. Value, except that it does not check the cell format and convert to Date or Currency. So what’s going on: why so much slower with times increasing?

This means that the Word screen can look like it has "gone crazy" while the macro is running.

One thing you may want to do with your macro to make it run faster and to prevent distracting flashes on the screen is to turn off screen updating while the macro is running.

So I took some time to explore and compare the three main properties (Range. Of course, as you will see, they each have their own peculiarities and advantages. Suppose cell G4 has a value of 123.456789 formatted as currency. Value will retrieve a value of 123.4568 rather than the actual value! Value2 really should be the default, and is definitely the one to use 99% of the time. Here is my test code: Sub textit() Dim d Time As Double Dim j As Long Dim j Start As Long Dim var As Variant d Time = Micro Timer() For j Start = 1 To 40000 Step 5000 d Time = Micro Timer For j = 1 To 5000 var = Range("a1"). The first run showed more-or-less constant time for each block.

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