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According to evolutionists, the diamonds formed about 1–3 billion years ago.

C at all if they really were over a billion years old, yet the radiocarbon lab reported that there was over 10 times the detection limit.

Geologists believe that the ones we find must have been transported supersonically to the surface, in extremely violent eruptions through volcanic pipes.

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So Diamond smashed Keyshia’s “ex”….was it Jeezy or Boobie…someone else altogether?

These heaux really aint loyal out here in these streets.

With the White House mired in controversy, comparisons to Washington’s most famous scandal have been common, if not always accurate.

Forty-five years after the events leading to Nixon’s resignation, The Onion presents a detailed timeline of the Watergate scandal.

Diamond requires very high pressure to form—pressure found naturally on earth only deep below the surface.

Thus they probably formed at a depth of 100–200 km.

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