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It's not the kind of email anyone would relish receiving, but it's certainly direct. I caught an STD since we messed around and you might have too.

If you take up elite level curling, odds are you are going to end up marrying a curler and raising a bunch of little curlers. “Once you say Olympics things get a lot more serious. Lawes and Mc Ewan are members of her gold medal-winning team and Dawn and Mike, being husband and wife, that’s built in.

- Related: Jones: Las Vegas really is a curling hotspot “Before doubles seemed like a gimmick and other than having a little fun playing in one game at the Continental Cup, nobody was much interested,” said Brent Laing.

In the next end he threw his rocks through the house to allow the World team to collect the four points the officials refused to give them. “Olympics for doubles are kind of a surprise to all of us.

Now it’s up to us to make sure it stays,” said Laing.

A wealthy American party girl was murdered in Italy after a sex romp went awry.

Ashley Olsen’s killer -- Senegalese immigrant Cheik Tidiane Diaw -- has been convicted of the slaying and was sentenced to 30 years in prison Thursday.British Columbia's Centre for Disease Control, an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority, has just signed on to a service called in SPOT.The free, online service allows residents to choose from handful of e-cards in English, French or Spanish, that range in tone from serious to remorseful to humorous.The card then offers links to find locations in their area where they can get tested. Public health researchers there found that many of the men said that while they would be likely to tell their primary partners about their diagnosis, they would not be as likely to inform casual partners. Both Toronto Public Health and Ottawa Public Health signed on a few years ago.But the men did say they would inform casual partners if there were a convenient and anonymous way to do so. While the cards aren't meant to replace face-to-face discussions, Dr.And while it's hardly great news, at least now you know that you need to see a doctor and you can start to get treatment.

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