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Buuut, anyway…A bit of a warning: this story is purely smut and contains mild bondage and moderate S&M (because GLa DOS is GLa DOS). Also, I would love some critiques, especially on GLa DOS' character. C: That was the last thing she said to her before passing out.

Seriously, I've been wanting to write one for ages now. If you are sticking around, please pardon any typos and gramatical errors, because I'm sure there are some.

A year ago I probably would have lost my erection if I was trying to have sex in front of someone else, but by now I had a healthy (ok, more than healthy) streak of exhibitionism in me, and my hardon didn't so much as waver. The other is my superpower, and it took me a long time to figure it out. ) that it started just over a year ago on That Day.

Nothing too crazy like some of the girls you hear about these days, but it's a nice size and you don't need a lot of foreplay to take it, which I've come to appreciate.

I'm still learning flash AS3 so this game is not perfect but it's much better than the first version : D There are 3 seducible characters.

I was wishing to had more but the game was already very huge !"Blushing furiously, all Chell could do was choke out a pitiful "GLa DOS", followed by a yelp when a hand pulled at her hair to yank her head back.She couldn't help but give a small, strained chuckle. A couple of minutes later his wife came hard, vagina clamping hard down on me, and with a groan I nutted deep in her. He just rolled his eyes and went back out to wait again in the car.What other site provides the opportunity of holding Free tour via dickgirl hentai sites and getting a great deal of adult comics impressions?

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