Gmail not updating on iphone

Checking your email from your i Phone is a great way to ensure you stay in touch with colleagues, customers and the day-to-day running of your business.

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Hopefully by the end of this article, Google Calendar will play nicely with your touchscreen toys.

We’ve already got solutions for Google Calendar not syncing with Windows 8A decent calendar service is indispensable. By default your Windows Phone does not synchronize multiple calendars. One of the most common reasons your calendars might not be showing up is because you haven’t enabled them in your i OS Calendar app.

In order to delete an IMAP message, the i Phone's Mail app must send an instruction to the server to mark the message as deleted.

However, this does not necessarily mean the message will disappear from the list, giving the impression that it has not been deleted.

Instead, the server places a strikethrough line across the email's subject, indicating it has been marked for deletion.

This is a safety feature that allows you to recover a deleted message if required, and only purges deleted messages from the server after a certain length of time.

After spending weeks looking for a solution as to why Google Calendar refused to sync certain calendars with i OS, it turns out there are a couple of fixes for what is a rather common issue.

Some people find their calendars won’t sync at all, others have trouble getting new events to show up – and I had a peculiar problem whereby only certain shared calendars were appearing.

Actually, this feature works for updating Gmail calendar events, too.

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