Is davey havok dating anyone

As ’s opening track, the '80s-influenced upbeat pop jam “Waiting To Be Told,” Havok spoke with us about balancing three projects with Puget -- AFI, Blaqk Audio and XTRMST -- why he’d love Blaqk Audio to play an EDM festival, and -- yes -- he did speak briefly on that No Doubt-related band.

Where did you find time to do Blaqk Audio with all of these projects? It’s interesting you and Jade have three different projects together.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s pure personal expression, and then there’s art designed for other people to enjoy.

Worthwhile creatives search for a sweet spot to comfortably reside between the two polarities, but after they’ve found one, they don’t have to stay there.

Meanwhile, Havok’s trademark lyrical ambiguity is mostly absent, as is his oft-lauded falsetto.

Delivered with blood-curdling, barely-relenting, bestial screams, his denouncement of self-medication in all its forms can hardly be mis- or re-interpreted.

I’m guessing Davey Havok and Jade Puget understand this better than most.

With AFI, the goth/punk institution Havok co-founded in 1991, they haven’t made every listener happy all the time.

Before that project is unveiled though, the AFI frontman will have another album out.

He and AFI bandmate Jade Puget will release drops April 15 and will be followed by a tour that begins in San Diego, California and ends in New York in time for Havok to fly back to L. and see the last Cure show at the Hollywood Bowl, he tells us.

The melancholy yet accessible fare of 2006’s — while relatively distinctive, play out like the wares of a well-established band who more-or-less knows how to keep their audience happy without appearing stagnant or bored.

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