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On any given Friday evening while most college students can be found within a 10 foot radius of a keg stand I can more easily be found huddled in my bed watching people who can be described as nothing less than dancing magicians for hours on end. This is perhaps one of the first choreography videos I watched and thus acted as a catalyst in my developing obsession. The dancers in the video, Jaira Miller and Kaelynn Harris, were mere teenagers at the time. ' I Heart Cali Boys' by Parris Goebel If this is what all of the boys look like in California, then * *Googles California dance studios * *.I do it all: I replay videos over and over to watch the intricacies of the footwork; I bite my nails in anticipation of the next big move; I yell at the screen during major moments in the sequence. If you are as of yet unacquainted with the wondrous world of You Tube hip hop choreography then I am truly honored to be your guide. The girls were also semi-famous as members of America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 runner-up crew, 8Flavahz. Also, I had to include a female choreographer on this list because us ladies have to stick together.Charles Nguyen (Poreotics) and Chris Trondsen interview Tamara "Cherry" Rapp (member of 8 Flavahz) backstage before the taping of America's Best Dance Crew's Rihanna Challenge.

S., is touring through Ontario and arrived at the PAC last Friday night.

The group was founded by Phillip Chbeeb, Di Moon Zhang and Harrell, but has been building upon the group with those who performed in St. In 2011, the group won America’s Best Dance Crew, a television show that brought American dance groups into competition with one another for a grand prize.

“I just bought a lot of DVDs and I played DVDs at home everyday,” said Moon.

“I tried to learn the moves from them and, you know, when you look at the TV the moves are the opposite way — so I had to learn them backwards.” After making the move to Texas, Moon began to meet other dancers who performed self taught routines on the streets of Houston.

She gave a solid performance and got a straight shot to the next round.

Francesca Bass, 18, from Crown Point, IN stood out for more than just being bald.Jenna Scaccia, 18, from Chicago, IL was more than excited to meet Fabrice, seeing as she was training with the same company he danced at.Although having Fabrice there added to the pressure, Scaccia made him proud.Moon noted that one thing that makes I.a M.m E so unique is that it is mostly made up of self-taught dancers. The style is a series of connections and large scale visuals that create shapes and puzzles with the human body which brings swag that is unique to their southern origin Houston, Texas.Four of the original crew members are still dancing with I.a M.

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