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Sure, you might who Jussie Smollett is dating, but if he hasn’t made that information public, we’re going to respect their privacy.

One woman who was at the hotel when the robbery unfolded described the atmosphere as one of 'mass panic'.'Everyone running.

I'm currently ducked on the floor under a table,' she wrote.

There were no reports of any injuries and the cause is being investigated.

A shocked bystander filmed the blaze as crowds gathered at the hotel, which is famous for its large dancing water fountain synchronized to music.

All of the guys who reach out are heartbroken — I mean f*cked up over a girl. Each of these men want only one thing — a concrete solution to winning their exes back. Look, I’ve been through multiple breakups and can attest to the inevitable pain and misery each party will experience.

Breakups SUCK, regardless of how toxic or inconsistent the relationships were. Aside from situations involving abuse or something parallel that I’m not qualified to even comment on — the average formula for a breakup is as follows: Hits pretty close to home doesn’t it?The fire was reported at 10.46 pm last night and some 77 firefighters battled to extinguish the blaze by 11.09 pm.The Vegas Strip was closed to traffic as firefighters tackled the blaze, according to ABC7.To that end we bring you this updated compendium of gay celebrity boyfriends!This list doesn’t include couples who haven’t been confirmed by one or both of the participants.If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve been doing my best to help you boys (the nice ones anyway) understand what women want and how to keep them around.

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