Myspace dating com archeology excavation dating techniques

Even though there are many people on Myspace that resemble Jessica Alba, you need to remember it’s because of the angles, lighting, and Photoshop mastery. You know they could look like Monica Lewinsky in person. They are all just attention whores and the drama will ruin your life. ¢ Have sex on the first date unless you are okay with being deleted from their friends list the next day. ¢ Give out too much personal information until you meet them a few times. Picture a crazy old bald man in a curly purple wig and red lingerie on his Mac laptop listening to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack all while watching The View.

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You will always end up telling them secrets about your sex life. ¢ Post comments about your love interest on your friends’ pages.

¢ Email or comment your love interest too often or you will look desperate. Of course, this isn’t a problem if you think Monica is hotâÂ? He wants to talk to all the hot, sexy women, oh and you hot, sexy men too. ¢ Write emails on Myspace when you are intoxicated.

There are loads of what you can do with your My Space profile from posting photos, customizing your profile background, adding graphics, and even putting on a music player.

And because there are millions of My Space users, some members use their profiles to attract potential dates.

But these services all add value, so hopefully My Space won't feel the need to throttle them or (worse still) build an in-house version.

Don’t get sucked into browsing profiles on other sites for “free” and then paying a monthly fee.

On a similar note, newly-launched Stalkerati lets you search for a person's name across multiple services - social networks, blogs and image search.

This isn't feeding the My Space beast - it's more like leeching off it.

His first account was "sonichu," where his name was Chris. His new account was "sonichucwc," where his name was Chris Chan.

This account got hacked by the Man in the Pickle Suit in the events of 11 September 2008 (NEVER FORGET).

When there's a change in your friend's status, you're sent an email alert.

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