Photostream not updating

The solution: Stop wasting your time trying to get Photo Stream to work on Windows and install Microsoft’s One Drive App.

I’m not a Microsoft fanboy, but I am a fan of stuff that works.

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If you’ve turned on i Cloud Photo Library, every photo and video you take will live in i Cloud, including ones from your My Photo Stream.

If some of your devices don't have i Cloud Photo Library turned on, My Photo Stream will upload your recent photos to share with those devices.

I'm trying to find the question that deals with forcing i Photo to resync your Photo Stream (the answer is not a happy one)seems that the i Phone won't start sending photos up to Photostream unless it's on wifi AND the phone has greater than 20% battery life.

I noticed some of my photos starting syncing once I charged my phone beyond 20%.

Apple seriously needs to give some feedback about why Photostream isn't syncing in their UI like Dropbox does.

Update: Murphy's law though the actual photos I really care about seem stuck in Photostream purgatory and won't appear on other devices.

I hadn’t changed any settings to cause it – Photo Stream was just suddenly not working on my Mac anymore.

If you’re experiencing this issue and want to get My Photo Stream to start working on your Mac again, the fix should be easy.

After using the new app for several months without issue, I recently ran into a problem that prevented my i Phone photos from showing up on my Mac.

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