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prequel in the making, I find myself revisiting that pink box-set that was a birthday gift from a true friend. If there was a fire in your house and all living beings were okay, you’d save your box set, wouldn’t you? Otherwise, some days it may not be called Sex and the City but Depressed, Lonely and Crying Down My Ben and Jerry’s in the City. Here’s why, while we love them on the big and small screen, the fabulous foursome could never be a NYC reality. They came to the conclusion that there was no way on Earth that any writer anywhere could afford Carrie’s super-extravagant, Cosmo-sipping, Jimmy Choo-wearing, party-hopping lifestyle.

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Nothing, I was just gonna warm some milk up, but you go, go home.

If you will permit me, might I suggest a touch of cinnamon? Well, please apologize to your wife for my keeping you here all night.'re missing the woman with the veil eating french fries at the next table.

I mean you are obsessing about something that is happening 6700 miles away...

I was perfectly happy and then she went and opened her big mouth.

With the jet lag and the no hormones, who knows what kind of mood swings I'm capable of.

Well, I gotta say, I am digging the sequin trim on the Real Housewife of Abu Dhabi. Younger Muslim women are embracing old traditions in new and personal ways.

I cannot find one Internet hormone site that's not blocked. I can't get Harry to respond to any of my texts and it's not like him.

I think we have a good marriage but do we put each other down sometimes? Juliet, TN, married 51 years*************Don't be a buzz kill.

When your spouse shares something exiting, match their enthusiasm.-Stan Co Marriage***********We heard this at a wedding: ' If you are going to argue, argue naked.' Peg and Harry Williams, Nashville, TN*************I want to be your favorite hello, and hardest goodbye.

William wooed her into marriage at the same time that a younger sister became engaged.

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