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A Dutch law now allows same sex marriages, and today four couples became the world's first homosexuals to legally wed. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) JENNIFER ECCLESTON, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): A predawn wedding in Amsterdam City Hall, just moments after landmark legislation on same-sex marriages took effect in the Netherlands.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Netherlands has come that far, that gay couples can do a civil marriage.

After a couple days, you know, we were curious, and a little bit nervous.

But we want to show the world that it's very important to us and we hope that also other countries will follow this country.

ECCLESTON: Holland, long among the gay rights vanguard, enacted a bill last year converting the countries registered same-sex partnerships into full-fledged marriages.

Instead of the perverts in dirty raincoats you might expect, it is likely to find the theatre packed with young backpackers, mixed groups of guys and girls and couples of all ages.

Both bachelor parties and bachelorette parties are very fond of the Moulin Rouge, due to the club's willingness to accommodate group bookings, and so finding yourself in the middle of one of these is not unusual.

Knowing this, we thought immediately this is the perfect opportunity for these male vultures to actually give them a fertile real egg and give them the opportunity to maybe hatch and raise a chick. There's no difference between a female role and a male role, for example. The DNA in the male griffon vulture is built in to raise a chick, so two males are perfectly capable to doing so.

Every January, they would start building nests and mate, and of course, unfortunately, being two guys, they weren't able to produce an egg. CO: You gave them this fake egg for all these years, and you determined from that that they were nurturing, that they would care for this egg? And that's also why two males are capable of raising a chick.

You're away on a business trip, working late and eating in the hotel restaurant, and the friendly, attractive waiter leans forward to clear your food away and you get a whiff of his aftershave and out of nowhere, suddenly you remember and all those memories of hot, frantic, fabulous sex rush back at alarming speed. Yes, you could try racing home and saying 'Honey, I remember how great sex was! So if your excuse for not 'doing it' is simply that neither of you feel like it anymore because you've been together 'forever' and it seems like 'such an effort' and you'd both 'really honestly watch telly together', perhaps you might like to have a little rethink.

After spending a lazy Saturday afternoon browsing through the dating app she was currently experimenting with, she hit it off with a nice-sounding guy, and the two exchanged real names and numbers.

For safety reasons, we put it in the incubator and we were, of course, also curious on whether it would be fertile or not. CO: How did you find some parents that may be willing to nurse that chick? And that happens a lot in the bird world — same-sex couples are really quite normal. Then we saw this little chick moving under these brave guys, and that was an unbelievable sight. JV: One of them is staying on the nest, keeping the chick warm, protecting it from other vultures ... And when it comes back, they can alternate their tasks.

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