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One important support technology is video chat software used for online live chat in websites.

Most live chat solutions enable customer support agents and their customers to communicate via basic messaging only.

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Trials among pupils at a secondary school have shown it to be remarkably effective in helping them spot other internet user's real ages.

The program, which has been developed by Lancaster University, can work out a person's age and gender by using language analysis techniques, detecting words which are often used by people of a particular age group.

Instant Messaging can also be enabled or disabled on a per-User Privilege basis.

We've already found that using HTML5 chat software such as Addon Chat over a Java or Flash based solution can increase your chat room's popularity by as much as 50%, giving your users the ability to sign-in using their Facebook account can increase this an additional 25-30%!

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Admin User Access lets you view the chat room's Admin Console, which is the control panel used by administrators to moderate the chat room and its users.

Technologies for remote customer support have improved dramatically in recent years.

Customer support organizations can leverage a wide range of products in the market to implement their customer engagement strategies.

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