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Furthermore, Messianic Jews themselves continue to redefine their own position against these two communities in their history, theol­ogy, and ritual practices.

Now in her 3rd day of Senate hearings, Kagan has been “grinning gratuitously and grimacing sourly” throughout the barrage of questions.

But, as the Jerusalem Post reports, Kagan has been “holding her own” and confidently cracking “Jewish jokes.” Indeed, when asked by the Senate Judiciary committee where she was on Christmas, Kagan replied are asleep to the Zionist threat of a full Jewish takeover of the nation, (Jews keep the Goyim distracted through Blockbuster and Football Extravaganzas), Elena Kagan represents a host of Anti-Americanism positions that the nation has both historically and traditionally eschewed.

Contrary to popular belief, Jesus was not a Christian.

I know that might sound shocking to a lot of us, but Jesus was a Jew.

Worldwide membership of around 100,000 people has been suggested, although the numbers are difficult to estimate.

The growth of Messianic Judaism presents a challenge for Jewish and Christian communities alike.Two of my passions are helping the church better understand her rich Jewish roots and helping other Jewish people understand Jesus as their Jewish Messiah.While people are generally willing to embrace the former, the latter can be a horse of a different color.This is particularly ironic since Jews — perhaps more than any other people — should believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.For only then can they be completely true to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and in harmony with the Hebrew Scriptures.who is alleged to be a lesbian, is about to be appointed to the bench of the highest court in America.

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