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For many, obtaining a green card marks the end of a long and difficult process and is an occasion for celebration. green card holders) should be aware that their new status comes with certain responsibilities.The latest incarnation of the Lawful Permanent Resident card is mostly off-white, but the original version was green.The card has been referred to as a "green card" ever since.

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Of course you can already log in to our customer’s portal right now to update any changes of address or email to ensure that you will receive your winner’s notification as quickly as possible.

The link for a new registration will be sent to you in July, together with your individual results. This exciting and informative game is not only fun, it is also your chance of winning a free green card lottery registration in the form of an All-Inclusive green card package worth € 95. The participant with the highest score wins a free All-Inclusive package, places two to five a free Basic package. immigration agency, gives professional advice and help during the whole green card process - also in case of winning!

Approximately 700 of them were from German-speaking countries, the rest had other countries of birth.

All our customers who have not yet been successful this year have already been notified by letter and email.

By now we have been able to notify a total of 97 winners, and we estimate that close to a thousand further customers will receive the good news until the middle or end of July.

New green card candidates can look forward to a service even better than that of the previous years: a free comprehensive, illustrated brochure will help with any further steps through the red tape jungle until you finally get your green card.

As regular customers, they may now participate again for the extremely favorable price of only €34.

It is still uncertain whether the lottery will continue!

In Mid-April we already announced the first African winner in our homepage’s News section.

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