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That's why we've dropped Defender from our list of free antivirus apps in this latest update of our free AV roundup. If you're not running advanced virus detection, zero-day virus protection, anti-malware, anti-ransomware and other security essentials, you're not doing it right.

Once again we've consulted the experts at to find the most effective virus protection, and we've listened to your comments regarding usability, too.

updating of the ad aware 2016-5

It's not common, but occasionally an antivirus company will change its name, or the names of its products.

With its latest product line, the former Lavasoft has done both.

You can read an overview of each on the following pages.

I wish I could give you a short, "neat and tidy" list, but I can't.

During installation, you see the unusual option to install the product in Compatible mode, which means that all of its on-demand features are available but real-time protection is turned off.

You can, of course, turn real-time protection on and off at any time. Well, multiple real-time protection systems working simultaneously could interfere with each other.

Not surprisingly, the new product has a thoroughly updated user interface.

The main window is mostly white, with green highlights and orange buttons.

A left-rail menu holds icons for accessing various program functions.

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