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The secret, of course, is looking in the right place.Elite Singles members aren’t looking for flings or casual love affairs with no long-term prospects.As a Canadian dating in Scotland, I initially found it quite difficult as there isn't the same culture/ tradition of dating as there is in North America.

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A 2016 report by Marketdata Enterprises found dating services to be a $2.5 billion business in the United States alone.

Last year, a survey by smartphone maker HTC found 37 per cent of UK adults had met a partner via dating apps, with 35 per cent of those in Scotland adding that it had led to a meaningful relationship.

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Soda, which takes its name from the term ‘social dating’, is the latest dating app attempting to take on UK market leader Tinder, which last year boasted 26 million “matches” per day globally.

Matchmaking may be an ancient art, but it has become an increasingly profitable one in the 21st century thanks to an explosion in websites and apps.

Many often struggle to escape the bustle of everyday city life in Aberdeen, Glasgow or Edinburgh –it’s no wonder that finding the perfect partner is a common difficulty.

There might be plenty of fish in the sea, but as any Scot knows it’s about finding the finest possible.

With the majority aged 30-55 and educated, our users are serious about finding a lasting relationship with a like-minded partner.

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