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Finally, the season finale takes place in a tropical destination.

The two finalists and Flav spend the last two days at a luxurious resort preceding his final decision.

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:) (The cast of these seasons is listed below.) You get Seasons: 1, 2 and 4 (Season 3 was not released due to the murder of Jasmine Foire by Ryan Jenkins).

You get all 3 FULL Seasons - animated menus and GREAT quality. If you cannot find your country below- please find the closest country to you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you so much for visiting my store.

Over the past three years 100 plus young men and women have competed on eight record-breaking VH1 shows (Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Rock of Love and Real Chance of Love). "I Love Money 2" gives 17 new, wild and crazy, All-Star cast members from these "of Love" series, the chance to battle it out for a quarter of a million dollars.

Now, the show that gave reality's biggest love seekers a chance to win something else (a large sum of money), is back!

Specifically, each episode gives a single cast member the power of ultimately deciding who is eliminated. It will be a true, cutthroat competition as cast members sharpen their backstabbing skills in the fight for their fortune.

It's the cast of eight record-breaking shows rolled into one.

Cast of I Love Money 2 (from left to right): Back: Onix, It, Saaphyri, The Entertainer, T-Weed, Bonez, Buddha, Tamara, Myammee, Tailor Made Front: Angelique, Leilene, Heat, Cali, Buckwild, Ice, Milf, Prancer, 20 Pack The 19 contestants for the second season were drawn from I Love New York, Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and Real Chance of Love to compete in physical and mental challenges, aiming for a 0,000 grand prize.

Production began in late October 2008 & wrapped November 2008, and the show premiered on February 2, 2009 with Craig J. First aired February 2, 2009 19 contestants arrived to compete on the second season, and, like the previous season, the contestants had to jump off the boat into the water.

20 Pack picks The Entertainer, Heat, Prancer, Angelique, Saaphyri, Cali, and Tailor Made.

T-Weed picks Onix, Bonez, Myammee, Buckwild, Milf, Buddha, and Ice.

;) These will play in Australia, the UK, Canada or anywhere else in the world!

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