Dating carlton ware

In 1930 it bought out a firm called Birks, Rawlins and Co.

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From novelties and crested ware, to salad ware and the embossed patterns like Foxglove, Buttercup, Oak and Hydrangea and then on to the hand painted and lustre patterns like the Chinoiserie School of patterns and Tutankhamen, Crested Bird, Spiders Web and New Stork.

There is something Carlton Ware for almost every taste and budget.

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Everybody knows Carlton Ware; I hale from New Zealand and it is as popular across the Tasman as it is here in Aussie, but it does not stop there.

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Carlton Ware was a pottery manufacturer based in Stoke-on-Trent.The company was established in 1890 by James Frederick Wiltshaw, William Herbert Robinson and James Alcock Robinson trading under the name of Wiltshaw and Robinson.The trademark "Carlton Ware" was introduced in 1894, and the company's factory was renamed the Carlton Works.The company was renamed Carlton Ware Limited in 1958 and following the death of Frederick Cuthbert Wiltshaw in 1966, the company was sold to Arthur Wood and Sons.We have been collecting Carlton Ware for a number of years now, and some time ago at an antiques fair we bought a beautiful bone china plate which was marked underneath Carlton China'. Intrigued, we decided to find out more and discovered there was remarkably little known about this type of ware from the makers of Carlton Ware.artnet and our partners use cookies to provide features on our sites and applications to improve your online experience, including for analysis of site usage, traffic measurement, and for advertising and content management.

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