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Many people do enjoy adult chat rooms and pornographic sites without becoming addicted.

Others, though, spend so much time on cyber sex that their lives and relationships suffer.

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Since early 2009, The Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication ( began warning the public about the trend of "Sextortion" via live events and websites including

This is a trend that grew based on the birth and growth of the trend known as "sexting" whereby compromising images and videos were being shared by individuals without a real understanding of the short and long term consequences of sharing "private' content on digital tools designed for sharing.

In October, she was rearrested on the amended charge of sexual assault on a child and currently remains in jail.

The school board member has since resigned from her position as school board treasurer. Research indicates that one in five girls and one in 10 boys will be sexually victimized before they reach adulthood.

In March 1998, the center established a Cyber Tipline, which has since received 995,000 reports of possession, manufacture and distribution of child pornography and online enticement of children for sex acts, among other cyber sex crimes."Sexting" is a popular name that combines the words "sex" and "texting" and is used to describe the exchange of nude or semi-nude photographs or sexually-explicit conversation through the use of a mobile device.

This can also include images or conversation sent via email or chat.Appearing recently in the news, courtrooms, and even pop culture, sexting features aspects that take it beyond “simply” exchanging sexually explicit pictures and messages with a boyfriend or girlfriend. A girl sends a provocative picture to her boyfriend. A month later, the two break up, contentiously, and the boy comes up with the perfect revenge.He forwards the picture of his ex to all his friends. Within hours, the picture is in the hands of hundreds of people. Teens, especially, are notorious in their inability to use good judgment at all times. Willard, executive director of the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use, writes, "the sexting phenomenon appears to be the result of a combination of factors: digital imaging technology that can easily capture and send images, impulsivity, raging hormones, peer or partner pressure, and teens’ biological incapability of effectively predicting the potential negative harmful consequences of their actions” (Willard, n.d.).In addition, Dust will notify you if a screenshot has been grabbed.With the increasing popularity of the Internet and the easy availability of pornographic websites, cyber sex addiction is becoming a problem.An example of this type of sextortion is where people are extorted with a nude image of themselves they shared on the Internet through sexting.

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