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Lines and station names are written in both English and Ukrainian.There are three lines: Kiev Train Station (aka Kiev Passenger Railway Station) is next to Vokzalna Metro Station (Red Line).

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The love of their life will be right there."Cheek started working on the project years ago in hopes of creating real-life dating connections.

She even went on ABC's popular "Shark Tank" show to pitch an earlier version of the app, where users handed out cards to people they were interested in.

When a single mother was crushed to death while trying to get onto an overcrowded subway train in November, it pointed to a problem that transit officials in the Chinese capital had already promised to address.

They did so this week, raising subway fares as much as fourfold in what they said was...

The map can be panned and zoomed using the control to the left.

Drag the Google Maps Pegman onto the map to activate Street View imagery.

Enlisting the help of his friends Eric, Leigh, and Ibrahim, Knox set up a table and chairs on the Union Square subway platform last Saturday, offering commuters the opportunity to stop and chat while they waited for their train to arrive.

It was a huge success: 18 people sat down and struck up a conversation in the three hours he was there, and just like that, Date While You Wait was born.

None of the sharks wanted to invest 0,000 in the company, but Cheek ended up raising more than five times that from other sources after the show aired last year. The app still aims to help break the ice in situations where people would ordinarily feel awkward approaching a potential date, like on the train or on the street, Cheek said.

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